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Approval WorkFlow

Use your web based software technology on your site to enable a Powerful Approval Based WorkFlow!

Comprehensive Approval WorkFlow with Approval Groups


Define Approvers and Approval Groups

Set up approval permission on a user by user basis. Define approvers and even define approve groups.

When orders for printing placed by users who require approval from a higher lever authority, your site will automatically send email notifications to the approver so the order can be approved and complete the approval process necessary to move the order into production.

Even sort orders in the system by approval status!

Set lead times for production based upon in-inventory or out-or-inventory status.

Automate your Approval WorkFlow and Save!

Define who’s Orders Need Approval and who Approves Orders!

Depending on the customer and their requirements, an approval workflow is sometimes required to meet their needs. Using our Approval Workflows which are built right in to the Printing Storefront Solutions Web to Print software, you can easily define web site users who need order approval and who can approve those users’ orders.

When an approval web to print workflow is established and an order is placed by a user who’s orders require approval, the approver will receive an automatic email notification to alert them that an orders needs to be reviewed and approved. The approver can be given access privileges all the way up to and including even editing the order before making the approval.

Our Printing Storefront Solutions Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans also offer the ability to set up Custom Approval Workflows! Define approval rules based on products, categories, sales amounts and more. The sky is the limit with custom approval workflows for the printing storefront solutions web to print software./p>

Learn more about how our powerful our B2C and B2B Retail Printing Web to Print Spoftware. Just use the information shown below to contact us.

See how Printing Storefront Solutions Web to Print Software with Approval Workflows can help you keep your customers happy!


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