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Powerful Flexible Instant Pricing Calculator Tool

To allow our printing customers build highly functional and easy to use and understand pricing calculators for their customers, we developed a “Pricing Calculator Tool” that you can use to quickly configure the base Excel spreadsheet which will power the final calculator.

Create the Basic Parameters, Download and Adjust the Excel Spreadsheet then Upload - Finished

Our Instant Pricing Calculator Tool is Great!

Creation of pricing calculators using Excel files as the base makes it easy for anybody with even a beginning level of Excel experience to achieve their desired results.

Before beginning the creation of a pricing calculator, a little thought and planning should be done to determine what Parameters and Options you will present to your audience and whether or not those will be Grid Parameters (a choice equals a set price) or a Calculator Parameter (a choice makes a calculation which is added to the Grid Parameter pricing total.)

Often we work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to help them get a good foundational understanding of how the calculator and the spreadsheets work. Once we spend a little one-on-one time, usually in an online meeting, the “light goes on” and they understand and can move forward creating as many calculators as they wish with little or no assistance.

Once pricing calculators are formulated, we have simple to use tools which can be employed in just a few short minutes to edit and change pricing so that necessary price changes can occur as well as very desirable special “sale and promotional” pricing can be offered to increase sales.

Powerful Pricing Tools – Yet Easy to Use!