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Credit Card Payment Integration

Our Printing Storefront Solution allows you to have your customers pay online when they place their order online with any major credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or their PayPal account.

Create a FREE PayPal Business Standard Account, Enter PayPal Email Address the Start Getting Paid!

Integrated Online Credit Card Payment Processing

PayPal is one of the worlds largest and most respected merchant services!

Using our PayPal integration allows your customer portal and retail storefront shoppers to pay for their order online at the time they place it on your web site. When you enable this fantastic integration module you will see immediate benefits...

  • Get Paid Before You Start Work
  • Better Cash Flow
  • No More Collection Mail or Phone Calls

When your customers check out after making their purchase they get to choose how they will make the payment. PayPal offers the option for the customer to pay with their very own PayPal account if they have one or any major credit card line MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. It just doesn't get easier for you online shoppers - or you!

Your customer makes their payment, you get an order notification from your web site and then seconds later you get a "You've Got Cash!" notification email from PayPal. The funds are available in your PayPal merchant service account immediately!

PayPal Integration - Get Paid Immediately!