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Create B2B Customer Web to Print Storefronts

We have taken tasks like adding customers and customer portals and made it very simple to do!

Easy 4 Step Wizard takes only minutes to add a New Customer

Printing Storefront Solutions makes it easy!

Creating new customers using our Printing Storefront Solutions CMS (content management system) is as easy as choosing the “Create New Site” link and following the 4 step “New Customer Wizard.” Answer a couple of relevant and simple questions and then lastly upload a customer logo and you’re done!

Using the CMS once the customer is created in the system you can then access the customer screens to give each customer more specialized features and privileges.

So Easy Anyone Can Do It!

Create B2B Printing Customer Web to Print Sites!

Using our Printing Storefront Solutions Web to Print software you have the ability to create private and secure printing customer web sites. Each one is your customers very own printing store that offers the ability to login, shop their own unique printing product catalog, get their own pricing and payment options.

You even have the ability to create customizable printing products for each customer using our web to print template builder software. Now your customer can even typeset their own product, upload photos and logos, approve their own proof and place their order! This saves both time and money for you as the printer.

Creating B2B Printing Customer Stores / Sites is Easy!

Use the “Create Site Wizard” and then fill in the blanks. Give their site a name, their own unique site URL, then choose a skin (site layout) and customize. In fact once you have created a B2B customer web to print storefront that you like, you can use our “Duplicate Site” option to create a copy which can then be easily edited.

Make as many as you want! The more you create, the better off you will be. Printing customers want to order everything they can online. Make it easy for them to order printing from you by using Printing Storefront Solutions Web to Print software with Unlimited B2B Printing Customer Storefronts!

Learn more about how Private, Secure, Web to Print Customer Storefronts can help you keep your printing customers happier, Happy customers stay with you. Just use the information shown below to contact us.


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