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Shipping Integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS

Our Printing Storefront Solutions CMS allows you to have your customer orders to automatically have appropriate shipping charges added to their order. It's easy to set up too!


Enter Shipping Account Information, Choose and Create Shipping Methods the Test.



Your Storefront Integrated with UPS, FedEX and USPS

Our shipping integration allows you to have your 24/7/365 web site automatically calculate and add appropriate shipping charges to your customers order. No more shipping quotes!

In fact, on a product by product basis, your customers will be able to use our Shipping Estimator to see actual real-time shipping quotes based on the product and quantity they will add to their cart. This is most helpful so that your customers can make an informed decision on which shipping method they might choose.

Our powerful software allows you to choose from any combination of 3 of the largest shippers in the US, and more. Once you take a couple of minutes to set up the system your web site will be on 24/7/365 taking orders from your customers and internet shoppers, totaling the weight of the product being ordered and getting your shipping rates for that weight of product and adding it to the customers order.

Shipping Integration - Saves Time and Money!