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Terms of Use

Your Terms of Use Here!

By incorporating your "Terms of Use" into the Instant Pricing Calculator as a Clickable Link as shown below...

...your shoppers are given an opportunity to read the terms of use you have established for using and placing orders on your storefront web site.

Having all of the information placed right next to the add to cart button insures that each and every online shopper is given an opportunity to review the terms that govern the use of your site or they can can just agree by using the "Add to Cart" button on your site.

Clearly stated "Terms of Use" should include phone numbers and contact info if the customer needs to contact you regarding your site or their order. It should also include any policies you wish to enforce regarding the materials and files they upload as a part of their order and of course a clearly stated refund policy if you will offer one.

Having the "Terms of Use" clearly stated and made available for viewing right at the moment the customer is "Adding to Cart" will also give you additional leverage should your customer for any reason decide to "dispute" credit card charges associate with their order.

Use "Terms of Use" to your advantage!